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Energy Transformations

In the Energy Transformations module, students learn about energy flow. They connect what they have learned about sound, heat, and light energy with new knowledge about energy transformations.

In an online activity, students build flowcharts to place the flow of electricity in everyday scenarios in the correct order. The focus on natural energy systems in this module gives students a framework on which they will build in the Life Sciences Units.

Introducing Energy Transformations is simple thank to the professional development available. The printable teacher guides also help you assess student understanding, promote their interest and curiosity before, during and after the activity through engaging questions.

Reviewing the Teacher Lessons can help you feel prepared to teach Energy Transformations by breaking down each section of the Student Explain and summarizing the concepts covered, providing best practices, concept review information and more. Teacher Lessons also review common misconceptions that students may have, for example many students think that food has energy only when it is eaten. In fact, food has energy whether it is eaten or not.

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