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Location and Perspective

The Location and Perspective module helps students explore spatial relationships and then develop the vocabulary to describe these relationships from multiple locations. Interactive games help students see everyday objects from different perspectives.

The Location and Perspective Teacher Lesson contains extra information that help enhance both the teaching and learning experience. It includes ideas for helping students make vocabulary connections, content extensions for teachers with the background knowledge needed to answer questions, and suggestions for way to use investigatory tools to extend the lesson.

Teacher Lessons also contain common misconceptions and best practices so that students can extend the knowledge into their daily lives. As a best practice for Location and Perspective, a hands-on activity helps them best internalize what they are learning. Provide students with a collection of objects to arrange and then allow them to describe the location of the objects. Ask them to find multiple ways to identify the same object and give them a feeling of accomplishment by pointing out how many location words they know.

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