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Materials and Mixtures

Science4Us begins the study of matter with everyday objects that students are comfortable with. The Materials and Mixtures module begins the unit. Students explore everyday objects they know like recyclables, identifying objects made of wood, cloth, plastic or metal.

Cartoon characters and stories in verse help make content accessible and interesting to the youngest learners as they consider materials. Students play games to learn new vocabulary and practice concepts, working to sort mixtures by materials and properties, compare mass, and identify types of materials. Throughout the module, students record their thoughts and findings on materials and mixtures in a digital notebook.

Professional development provides all the tools teachers need to deliver the material with confidence. Printable teacher guides are available to help you expand on the material by way of prior knowledge and follow-up questions, as well as discussion points and expected student responses.

In addition to teacher guides, you’ll also have access to Teacher Lessons which provide additional information specific to important concepts found in each lesson. These include best practices, misconceptions, vocabulary connections and content extensions. For example, one common misconception for students learning about Materials and Mixtures is that a solution is the same thing as a mixture, however, while a solution is a mixture, unlike a mixture, a solution is the same throughout.

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