Elementary Science:
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Observing Matter

In the Observing Matter module, students learn the words to describe matter correctly and accurately, improving their skills in communicating scientific information.

Students observe qualitatively (using their senses) and quantitatively (using tools to measure numerical values). Games and instructive videos help students learn and practice these skills using a combination of photographs and animated hosts. Skills and vocabulary learned in the Observing Matter module will provide a strong framework for later science learning.

Printable teacher guides are available as part of professional development to help you add to the online material. These teacher guides include hands-on activities, discussion questions and more.

Professional development also features Teacher Lessons that provide additional information such as best practices, misconceptions, vocabulary connections and content extensions specific to each lesson. For example, when learning about Observing Matter, a common misconception among students is that opinions are facts, thus making it difficult for them to separate facts from opinions.

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