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Science Skills

Scientific Inquiry sounds complex, too complex for young students. It makes us think of intricate instruments and computer simulations, pages of data, and long, involved mathematical equations. Scientific Inquiry can involve all of those things, but at its root scientific inquiry is the way that scientists see the natural world. It is the collection of qualitative and quantitative data and the use of that data to explain how the natural world works.

Science Tools

The Tools module introduces students to the tools scientists use for both qualitative and quantitative observations. Through hands-on activities, students learn to use tools such as their 5 senses, rulers, and balance scales.

Scientific Inquiry, far from being foreign to children, is the way children naturally learn--they play and experiment, they see what happens, and they build their own rules and expectations about how the world works.

Inquiry allows students to learn at their own level skills that scientists use every day. Learning these skills at a young age will help students to participate in science experiments, prepare for science fairs, and observe the world around them.

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