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Balance In Nature

Balance in nature considers how living things interact with the living and nonliving things around them. This unit helps students see their world as interconnected rather than distinct and invites students to take an active part in keeping nature clean and healthy for all creatures.

Food Webs

The first module, Food Webs, explores the links between living things and their energy sources. Linking back to the Energy Sources module in the Physical Science Book, Food Webs shows how food chains are built linking the sun, plants, and animals as energy sources and/or users.


The Habitats module focuses on the needs of living things. As students consider different habitats, from farm to tundra and grasslands, they begin to understand the importance of both living and nonliving things in a habitat. Students learn about many different habitats and how animals and plants have adapted in order to thrive where they live.

Eco Awareness

The Eco Awareness module builds directly from the knowledge students have gained about the natural world around them. Students learn that many factors affect whether or not living things can thrive in their habitats.

At the conclusion of the Science4Us Balance in Nature unit, K-2 students know a lot about how living things interact with the living and nonliving things in their environment.

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