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Though every kindergarten student may know that magnets can be used to hold school artwork on the fridge, they may not be familiar with the many other ways our society benefits from magnets. In the Magnets module, students will learn about tiny and huge magnets that are used every day.

Students will also learn to predict which objects a magnet will attract and test those predictions through interactive activities. The Silly Bulls game allows students to practice the vocabulary they are learning so that they can use scientific terms to describe their explorations with magnets.

The online evaluation uses photographs and written and spoken words to evaluate how well students have understood the information in the module.

Teachers have access to professional development in the form of Teacher Lessons and printable Teacher Guides, both of which can be used before, during and after the lesson. Teacher Guides include hands-on activities, discussion questions and more to help further enhance student understanding.

Teacher Lessons are specific to each module and include an array of information that help you take the knowledge beyond the science lesson. These can be used to review content background, common student misconceptions, vocabulary extensions and more. For example, when it comes to Magnets, there are a number of misconceptions, one being that all metal objects are attracted by magnets, when in fact many metal objects are not attracted to magnets such as coins, aluminum foil, aluminum cans, and copper wire.

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